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Through refugee sponsorship and settlement support services, we partner with well-wishers in Canada and abroad  to advance the well-being of refugees.  

Our common zeal is to support the innocent, empower the weak and value the inherent worth of each and every person we serve regardless of faith, culture, creed, sexual orientation or financial status.

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For over 19 years HT-SACA has walked alongside refugees as they arrive in Canada, learn to speak English, find a place to call home, settle their children into school, find gainful employment, and make meaningful connections in the community. Our vision is a future where refugees and the disadvantaged bridge their transition into the community.

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There are many ways you can contribute and make a real difference in the lives of refugees. We can’t fulfill our mission without good people like you.

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The HT-SACA leadership believes in the power of working together for a fair and equal future for all. Play a part in addressing the plight of refugees and help them settle and live dignified life. Become an HT-SACA member today.

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