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Since its founding, HT-SACA has been a forum where good-hearted people collaborate and dedicate themselves to giving hope to refugees. Wherever your philanthropic passion lies, you can pursue it here by providing refugees with the resources their resettlement requires. At HT-SACA, the future is now, and you can be a part of it today. 

Donating to HT-SACA
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Why Donate to HT-SACA

Supporting refugees, resettling the displaced, reuniting families advancing solutions to societal challenges—there are so many reasons to give to HT-SACA. No matter what you choose to support, your gift has a positive impact.

Giving to HT-SACA

Why Donating Matters

It’s easy to wonder, “Can my gift really make a difference?” The answer is “yes.” Gifts of all sizes play an essential role at HT-SACA.

I was fortunate to have been helped by HT-SACA. I was displaced in my country and had no where to go. Getting support to resettle was just the beggining. I am grateful for all the doors that opened and opportunities that came my way.

I’m proud to be a tiny part of HT-SACA’s impact on making our world a better place. My contributions today are a small way of giving back for so much that I’ve received over the past 15 years. 

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How Gifts make a difference


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